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House Rules

House Rules


Core Rulebook only.

Based on locality, other options may be ‘unlocked’ during game play as a limited duration option to replace a dead PC.

No Alchemists, Inquisitors, Summoners or Witches.
No Guns or Gunslingers.
No Anti-Paladins, Ninja or Samurai.
No APG classes.

Barbarians: Each must develop a loose ‘cultural code’ which they must adhere to (a code of honour if you like).

Clerics: Must adhere to a code of behaviour which reflects both the teaching of their faith and the position of responsibility that is expected of them as a priest.

Monks: Must adhere to a code of behaviour which should reflect the monastic culture of their training.

Paladins: Must adhere to a code of behaviour (you want the benefits, you play a character who must try to be Lawful Good – note capitalisation).

Wizard: No ‘Sin’ specialists. Some spells banned (see below).

Prestige Classes:
No accelerated qualification due to Spell Like Abilities.


Item Creation Feats:
No item creation whilst travelling/resting during an adventure and all pre-requisites must be met.

Fey Foundling (Too good);

Fury’s Fall (Duplicates Agile Manoeuvre);

Leadership (Too good);

Players may select two, but one campaign trait must be taken.


Snowball (Wizard Lvl. 1)



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